Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Eating in Peruvian Solidarity

Peruvian Meal
Eighty parishioners from the Nativity of the Lord visited Peru just for one evening. Unfortunately it was virtual not actual! It was an evening of information, competition and South American food to launch of our project to raise funds to support Warmi Huasi (Women’s House in Quetcha, the Indian language of Peru). Eamonn, a seminarian from St John’s, Wonersh, spoke of his recent experience in the materially very poor parish of San Benito, where the effects of industrial pollution and lack of basic amenities, such as clean running water have a dramatic effect on everyday life. Appreciating the generous hospitality he received, he did however have qualms when the water used to cleanse dishes was passed through a sieve and then boiled to make tea.

We explored the area in photos and a video and learned how many women in San Benito have to bring up their children on their own. Husbands are absent for varying reasons; they might be doing seasonal work far away, some are in prison and others are unable to cope with the responsibility of parenthood. Mothers must work to feed and clothe their children, but this is often at the cost of their children’s safety and well-being.

The Parish of the Nativity of the Lord aims to provide funds to equip and maintain a nursery and homework club; an invaluable service to the community which will give the children of San Benito the chance to learn and develop in a safe environment.

There was a challenging quiz, interrupted by servings of Papas Papas (papas means potatoes in Quetcha), Spicy Chicken and quinoia salad. There was a raffle and the chance to purchase FairTrade Peruvian crafts. The proceeds, £850, are being sent off as soon as possible.

Text by Jane Manfield and Ann Lardeur. Photo Ann Lardeur.

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