Wednesday, 20 August 2014

As Four Men Start at St John's Seminary - Diocese is Praying for Vocations -

Four men are about to start training for the priesthood at St John's Seminary, Wonersh near Guildford for Arundel & Brighton Diocese. We need many more men to come forward to the priesthood and prayer is at the heart of promoting such vocations.

It is good to know that the brothers of the Catenian Association celebrate a Mass for Vocations somewhere in the world each day of the year. In Sussex (Province 18), they recently celebrated a Sunday parish mass for Vocations to the religious life at the prestigious Worth Abbey. It was both spiritually and organisationally a great success and if God hears the pleading, many more young men and women will respond by devoting themselves to service in the Church.

Some 80 Catenians and ladies of the Province were in attendance and those who missed the Mass missed a really rewarding celebration.

The mass was concelebrated by the many of the community of Worth Abbey led by the Rev. Dom. Philip Gaisford and they were joined by Fr. Terry Martin, Diocesan Director for Vocations, 10 priest in all. Fr. Terry has been greatly encouraged by the Province’s support for his work financially and spiritually (£1000 was raised last year).

Ten priests concelebrated the Worth Abbey Mass for Vacations

The words of encouragement to the congregation to pray for vocations and the very well-crafted homily, which included reference to the subject while fully exploring the readings of the day, was exceptional. The whole mass was spirit filled and an entire prayer in itself.

To contact Fr Terry Martin about vocations see the website.

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