Friday, 27 February 2015

Festival 50 Launch in Parishes this Weekend

Parishes around the Diocese of Arundel & Brighton are gearing up to launch Festival 50 in the parish and local area over the coming two weekends. With a message from Archbishop Peter Smith (see below) and a talk for use at Mass together with all the wealth of promotional materials this is a great opporunity to encourage people to both get involved, get the date in the diary and get themselves booked on one of the parish coaches.

All the information and materials for the launch are available on the Festival 50 webpages.

Message from Archbishop Peter Smith about Festival 50

Archbishop Peter Smith, as Apostolic Administrator for the Diocese has sent parishes a message about Festival 50.

He says "‘Festival 50’ on 5th July this year will be an important event in the history of the Diocese of Arundel & Brighton. I hope and pray that many of the people of the Diocese will be inspired to participate in the day, especially those who are sick and infirm. I invite you all to join me at the Festival, in the morning from 10am and for the Jubilee Mass at 3pm.."

You find out more about Festival 50 here


  1. God is love! :heart: Catholic blogwalking :-)

  2. Is the six figure cost of this vanity project really in keeping with the poorer church envisioned by the Holy Father?