Friday, 17 July 2015

Youth Vigil at Festival 50

Kneeling in adoration of Blessed Sacrament
The first part of Festival 50 to kick off was the Youth Vigil on the Saturday night. About three hundred people were there, many of whom then slept overnight!

Groups of young people and young adults started arriving at the Stadium at about 4.30 on Saturday, greeted by a fantastic welcome team and an array of games, stalls and other activities. (If you’ve never seen a monk having a sword fight with a foam sword, then you’ve probably missed the only chance you’re likely to get!). At seven o'clock the vigil itself kicked off, and the young people present (aged about 14 to 35) were treated to some fantastic talks, some excellent live music from ‘One Hope Project’, and to an incredibly moving hour of adoration, with prayer ministry and the Sacrament of Reconciliation on offer.

After the vigil ended, many of the participants went home to return the next day, while some camped out for the night in the Stadium’s Heineken suite. Not the best night’s sleep to be sure, but a wonderful experience! For those who couldn’t sleep, there was also adoration throughout the night.

There was also a dedicated youth stream on the Sunday morning, again very well attended.

It was really lovely to see so many young people entering in to Festival 50, and it was so amazing to see so many young adults, clergy and others working so hard to make their experience a good one.

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