Monday, 16 November 2015

Diocese Holds Successful Year of Mercy Preparation Day

Jeff Cavins on Year of Mercy
The Diocese of Arundel & Brighton kicked off its preparations for the Year of Mercy with a successful day of reflection led by Jeff Cavins on Saturday, November 14th at St Teresa’s School Effingham.

The day entitled 'Christ Looks at us with Mercy …And Calls Us to Discipleship'reflected on how in this Jubilee Year of Mercy we are called to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and to become his followers and disciples, and come off from the sidelines.

Jeff Cavins who is a former Protestant Pastor before he returned to the Catholic Church is well known for his presentations on the Bible for Catholics, helping them to discover afresh the great story of God's love revealed in the Scriptures. Many parishes in Arundel & Brighton Diocese have taken part in his Quick Journey Through the Bible 8 week course and are now tackling his longer Journey Through the Bible 24 week course.

The topics included in the day of reflection were:

God’s Amazing Plan for you - Jeff demonstrated the awesome power of God by looking at creation first from the macro level and then at the micro level. By observing God’s amazing creation, you will grow in awe and respond in praise. With God’s creation as a backdrop, Jeff introduced the astonishing truth that human beings are his most amazing creation and that to top it off, God wants a relationship with us.

The Call to Discipleship- Building on his first talk, Jeff continued to explain God’s desire to walk with us as he introduced the first-century relationship between a rabbi and his disciple as the metaphor for God’s relationship with us. Jeff described the life of a disciple two thousand years ago and then painted a picture of how that can become a reality for people today. This was a very practical talk about walking with God in a modern world.

Mary, Mercy and Mission - At the centre of Israel’s worship was the Ark of the Covenant, which housed the presence of God. This most precious of temple furnishings played a central role, both as the source of God’s presence but also his mercy. Jeff showed that the Ark, once hidden in a cave in the Old Testament, is discovered in the New Testament in a cave in Bethlehem. Mary, the new Ark of the Covenant, is the person that God used to introduce his mercy to the world.

Disciplines of a Disciple - In this talk, Jeff introduced some practical disciplines in the life of a modern-day disciple. You explained how to talk to Jesus on a daily basis by utilizing the ancient practice of Lectio Divina (divine reading). This practice of talking to God in Scripture and hearing his daily direction will transform your walk with Christ and enable you to meet problems with real direction and comfort. In addition, Jeff will share some of his personal practices that lead to a more fruitful relationship with Jesus.

You can see pictures of the day see the Diocesan Flickr site.

For further details of Jeff Cavins and his materials see

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