Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Refugee Crisis Newsletter

A Refugee Crisis Newsletter for Autumn 2016 is now available detailing how, as a diocese, under the guidance of Bishop Richard, we are responding to the ever growing challenge of the global refugee crisis.

The newsletter includes the latest information available to us and highlights some tremendous work that is ongoing by the partners we are choosing to work with. Please read a copy and share with your family and friends. Hard copies are now available in your parish, or you can view and download it here

The newsletter begins with a foreword from Bishop Richard which includes the message, ‘it is important that the diocese continues to develop innovative ways of working, to ensure that we can engage all our parish communities in effective action’.

It also includes the following:
  • The Syrian Vulnerable Person Resettlement Programme and Community Sponsorship.
  • The work of Voices in Exile who support those seeking asylum, refugees and those with no recourse to public funds.
  • Stories from Refugees supported by our partners.
  • Prayers, bible passages, Catholic Social Teaching principles and quotes.
  • Ways to help including hosting an event or pledging financial support.
Anyone who wants to learn more about how to get involved should contact our Coordinators (details on page 11 of the newsletter)

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