Monday, 21 August 2017

Bishop Richard asks for prayers for Cardinal Cormac seriously ill in hospital

Cardinal Cormac in Lourdes preaching at a Mass for A&B Diocese
Bishop Richard has written to all parishes this morning asking for prayers for Cardinal Cormac, former Bishop of this diocese asking for prayers for him as he is seriously ill in hospital. He writes:

Dear Fathers and colleagues

Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor is seriously ill in hospital and I would ask you to remember him very specially in your prayers.

In a letter sent yesterday to all the Bishops, Cardinal Vincent writes: "these loving prayers are a source of great strength and comfort as he calmly ponders on all that lies ahead, all in God's good time. May the Lord strengthen him in faith and trust and may the prayers of the Church, which he loves so much, comfort and uphold him.”

As we all know, Cardinal Cormac holds this Diocese in great affection and will, I know, value the prayers of us all at this time.

With every blessing,


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