Thursday, 28 June 2018

Death and Funeral of Dom Charles Hallinan OSB

Dom Charles Hallinan OSB
Of your charity please pray for the repose of the soul of  Dom Charles Hallinan, monk and priest of the monastery of Our Lady, Help of Christians at Worth who died on the 25th June 2018 in the ninety-second year of his age, the sixty-ninth of his profession, and the sixty-fourth of his priesthood

The Funeral Mass of Dom Charles Hallinan will take place at Worth Abbey on Tuesday 3rd July, at 2.30pm. Please join us to pray in thanksgiving for the life of our brother, Charles, and that he may enjoy the light of God's eternity.

The Abbot and Community of Worth Abbey thank you and all Fr Charles' many friends for your messages of goodwill and condolence.

Priests are invited to concelebrate.  Please let us know if you intend to do so and please bring your own alb and diocesan white vestment.

May he rest in peace

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Vatican Cricket Team to Tour England

Current Vatican Cricket Team
The Vatican (St Peter’s) Cricket Team has announced the schedule for its 2018 Tour of England - from the 3rd to the 15th of July - , which will be the 4th Light of Faith Tour of England for the Vatican XI. The team last visited the UK on an official tour in 2016.

This high profile and significant tour will commence at Stonyhurst College, with the inaugural cricket match between Stonyhurst and the Vatican XI taking place at the College on Wednesday 4 July 2018 at 1.00pm. During the tour, the Vatican (St Peter’s) Cricket Team will also visit 10 Downing Street.

The Vatican (St Peter’s) Cricket Team will play the following fixtures during their Tour:
- 4 July 2018 Stonyhurst Gentlemen’s XI at Stonyhurst College, Lancashire
- 6 July 2018 The Vatican (St Peter’s) and Archbishop of Canterbury’s Combined XI vs Inter-faith XI at Lord’s (Nursery Ground), London
- 8 July 2018 Her Majesty’s Prison and Young Offenders Institution XI
- 9 July 2018 Commonwealth XI at Indian Gymkhana Ground, Osterley, London
- 10 July 2018 Mount Cricket Club, East London Faith Team, Walthamstow, London
- 12 July 2018 Houses of Parliament XI, Chiswick House, London
- 14 July 2018 Royal Household Cricket Club, Windsor Castle

St. Peter’s Cricket Club was officially founded in 2014 and consists of priests, deacons and seminarians studying and working in Rome and the Vatican. The team is under the official patronage of the Pontifical Council for Culture and members come from across the Commonwealth.

Fr Eamonn O’Higgins LC, Manager of the Saint Peter’s Cricket Team, comments: “We are extremely pleased to be embarking on our 4th Light of Faith Tour of England. We are delighted that the tour will begin with a match against Stonyhurst College, a school which has a long history of combining faith, academics, and sporting excellence. It promises to be an excellent first fixture on an exciting tour.”

The Team’s objectives are to increase the awareness of the importance of religion for society and promote inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogue through cricket. Cricket matches thus serve as platforms to bring different communities together and to promote what Pope Francis has called the ‘culture of encounter and dialogue’.

For the fixture against the Vatican XI, Stonyhurst College is forming a Stonyhurst Gentlemen’s XI to represent the College, consisting of current pupils, alumni, staff and friends.

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Cardinal Vincent Nichols congratulates CTS at Westminster Cathedral for their pivotal role in communicating the Truth of the Catholic faith in Great Britain for 150 years

Catholic Truth Society
To mark 150 years of publishing, the CTS were delighted to celebrate with archbishops, bishops including Bishop Richard Moth from Arundel & Brighton Diocese, priests and the wider CTS family of donors, volunteers, CTS parish representatives and authors from around the world.

In his homily Cardinal Nichols congratulated CTS, as Publishers to the Holy See since 1964, for playing a pivotal role in communicating the teaching of the Magisterium. 

He also praised CTS founder Cardinal Vaughan, for two of his great gifts to the Church, the founding of CTS in 1868 and the building of Westminster Cathedral: “The two legacies of Cardinal Vaughan, the Cathedral and the Society, fit together well. The CTS motto ‘God’s Truth, beautifully told’, hints at why. That Westminster Cathedral is beautiful is beyond question, but it’s beauty is purposeful – it is there to lead us towards Jesus Christ, who is our Truth. Those whose hearts are stirred by beauty may start to ask themselves questions about the source of that beauty and wish to inform themselves more deeply about it. 

The work of the CTS is there to provide a practical response to that desire.” CTS General Secretary Fergal Martin said, “1868 to 2018 we feel is something to celebrate. CTS would have little to offer without our donors, writers and parish reps and those who support us constantly with their prayers. It’s a privilege to work for the Gospel and for the Truth – the truth which brings so much joy and hope to the lives of those to welcome it.” 

Cardinal Vincent Nichols  said “As president of the CTS I am very proud of how the charity have faithfully worked to support the mission of Catholics to enrich society and give hope and joy to past, present and future generations. My congratulations to all at the CTS, their volunteers and supporters on their 150th Anniversary.” 

For more information on the CTS and our 150th Anniversary Appeal please go to or contact Claire Dancaster Morgado, Head of Sales and Marketing: 020 7640 0042;

Monday, 18 June 2018

Deacon Ordained for Diocese of Arundel & Brighton in St Richard's, Chichester

New Deacon, Jon Harman with Bishop Richard and his wife, Niki and family
On Saturday 16th June Bishop Richard ordained Jonathan Harman as a deacon for the parish of St Richard's, Chichester. Jon, as he is known, with his wife Niki and family have been parishioners in the parish for many years and they are involved in many different ways in the life of the parish. He will continue to work in the parish alongside his new job as Adviser for Formation and Spirituality in the Diocese of Arundel & Brighton.

Bishop Richard reflecting on the first reading from the prophet Jermiah which focused on the prophet's unworthiness, said that we were all unworthy of the vocations we are called to but that God, as with the prophet Jeremiah, makes us worthy and the Church declares this during the ceremony. Importantly though we are declared worthy by God not for our own sake but so that we can be at the service of others, something that is particularly true for the deacon.

Saturday, 16 June 2018

GLOBAL HEALING - How our faith helps us to care for our common home

Presenter of Global Healing, John Bosco at Eden Project
The Encyclical Letter of Pope Francis, Laudato Si, has opened the eyes of many people, both within the Catholic Church and beyond, to the serious and increasing damage that we are inflicting on our planet – our common home. With his gift of connecting so many different aspects of our lives together, Pope Francis draws together pollution, climate change, poverty, economic migration, human dignity and other social ills and has challenged us to recognise what is happening. He urgently challenges us to set out ways in which we may restore our world. Although he describes the current state of the world he also declares that there is time and every reason to hope that environmental degradation can be reversed. Perhaps the biggest challenge of Laudato Si is being aware that each one of us has a responsibility and all of us can take up the challenge, whoever we are. 
In order to help us to respond to this enormous and daunting challenge placed before us by Pope Francis in Laudato Si, Catholic Faith Exploration (CaFE) is producing a programme, which will be free to download from the website or can be purchased on DVD, setting out various ways in which we as individuals, and within our families and communities, may take practical measures to begin to reverse the damage we are doing to our planet. CaFE was created in 1996, with encouragement from Cardinal Basil Hume, to help Catholics better understand their faith through visual presentations and discussions and so become better equipped to live it in daily life and share it with others. In the last twenty years CaFE has produced over thirty quality filmed courses which have been used to great benefit by many of our parishes.
This latest course, Global Healing, is free. Its official launch is The Feast of St Francis of Assisi (4th October). It has been commissioned by the Bishops of England and Wales and is specifically designed to help people engage creatively with the vital spirituality of an “ecological conversion” highlighted in chapter 6 of Laudato Si. The programme has been filmed on location at the Eden Project, at a Franciscan Friary in Dorset and a wind farm in Cambridgeshire. Its descriptions and visual presentations help in understanding the reality of the damage being done and the various opportunities and possibilities that are within reach to reverse the process of pollution.
Global Healing draws on interviews with a number of people well able to encourage us. Participants include Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Dr Carmody Grey, Environmental specialist now working with Cafod, Sr Margaret Atkins, author of “Catholics and Our Common Home”, Fr Augusto Zampini, Formerly of Cafod and now working in the Vatican on these matters, Fr Kevin Irwin from the United Sates, Fr Sean McDonagh, and Br Loarne, a Franciscan from Greyfriars, Oxford. 
Global Healing is also drawn from the work of Cafod and its experience and understanding of Climate Change in the Global South where the damage is greatest among the poorest people of our planet who have done least to cause it. While the DVD presents a great deal of material, there will also be a Global Healing website full of resources and ideas for deeper, practical application. 
Global Healing is ideally designed to be shared over a supper with a parish group, with film clips, prayers and suggestions for discussion. Extra sessions will be available on the website which would be ideal for a short course, perhaps for the Season of advent. Details at
The essential first step is to recognise the problems of damage to our planet – our common home. When we acknowledge the situation we have created, either through ignorance or greed, we can begin in earnest to reverse the damage and secure a healthy world for future generations.
Bishop John Arnold
Bishop for the Environment for the Bishops’ Conference
Watch the Global Healing Trailer here:
Watch Global Healing Main Session (Parts 1-3) here:
Watch the Global Healing Practical Session here:

Friday, 15 June 2018

Annual Mass for Deacons 2018

Deacons and their families with Bishop Richard
On Saturday 9th June on the feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Arundel Cathedral Bishop Richard celebrated Mass with twenty-one of his deacons and their families. As part of the Mass he invited them to renew the promises they made at their ordinations. A week later many of those deacons were to gather in St Richard's, Chichester to celebrate the ordination by Bishop Richard of another man from Arundel & Brighton Diocese who would make those very same promises. 

During his homily at the Annual Mass for Deacons, Bishop Richard reminded those present that just as Mary in the Gospel of the day pondered things in her heart, so to the deacon was called to ponder the Word of God in his heart. As a minster of Word and Charity he is called not only to ponder God's Word in his heart but to make it something real and active in the world around him, sharing Christ with others, a service of love. Bishop Richard as part of the service not only thanked his deacons for all they do but also thanked their families and parishes for the ways in which they support his deacons.

June 9th is also the feast of Saint Ephrem the Syrian, Deacon and Doctor of the Church who wrote many beautiful hymns and of Mary, Blessed Mother of Jesus he wrote 'Look: in my arms I clasp the wheat-sheaf of life that provides bread for the hungry, that feeds the hungry, that feeds the needy. Rejoice with me, for I carry the sheaf full of joys.' The Deacon likewise is to carry Jesus to others and Mary of the Magnificat said Bishop Richard provides a pattern for deacons to follow for being close to the Word transfers the the service of the deacon, pouring forth in charity, making him open as Mary to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

The celebration ended with a meal shared by all present in the Cathedral Centre with Bishop Richard chatting and meeting all present.

Monday, 4 June 2018

INSPIRE 2018 – Day for Youth Leaders & Catechists

Youth Ministers and Catechists listen to Will Desmond
On Saturday May 12th, around fifty youth ministers and catechists from around the diocese gathered in Redhill for INSPIRE 2018, the diocese’s annual day for those who work with young people. It follows on from the ‘Breakthrough’ programme run in previous years, and will hopefully now stick around as a popular and useful annual event.

Unlike in the past when the day was led by one keynote speaker, INSPIRE featured an array of speakers. A TED-style event, if you like. Among them were Will Desmond, founder of theASCENT, Father Nick Crowe OP who talked about spirituality in ministry, Bishop Richard, Lizzie Wakeling who talked about young people and mental health, and others. It also gave participants a chance to network and to ask questions.

It seems to me, as the Diocesan Youth Officer, that we are at an exciting time in the Diocese where youth and young adult ministry is concerned. The Bishop has given us a clear vision to follow and we seem to be in a time when all sorts of things are really starting to blossom! The Wellspring community in Brighton are doing some trailblazing work with young adults and students; programmes like Youth Alpha are transforming parish ministry; diocesan programmes like the Redshirts and the ENCOUNTER programme are going from strength to strength, and the start of theASCENT programme in this autumn looks set to add an exciting dimension and to offer something to those young people wanting to take their faith a stage deeper.

This September, the INSPIRE process will continue with local groups. In fact, the new plan is for there to be three meetings a year: one diocesan meeting in the early part of the summer, one set of local meetings facilitated by me; and one set of local meetings which people arrange and sort between themselves.

If you want to get involved in any of the above, then feel free to get in touch –