Monday, 9 July 2018

Catholics ‘among most generous’ with gifts in Wills

New Missio sponsored Parish Hall in use
Catholics are among the most generous legacy donors, according to research, and are nearly three times as likely to have left a gift in their Will compared to the general population. And if they haven’t yet made a Will, Catholics are more than twice as likely to consider leaving a legacy gift.

However, other research shows that this generosity is not necessarily including legacies to Catholic causes. So a new campaign by Your Catholic Legacy is encouraging more Catholics to consider leaving a gift in their Will, to fund vital work by Catholic charities at home and abroad, and to make a real difference in people’s lives.

The campaign features stories of how Catholic charities are helped by legacy gifts, but could do so much more if every Catholic remembers to include their favourite Catholic causes when writing or updating their Will.

The stories demonstrate that people’s faith matters – and show how Catholics can choose to lay a foundation of faith for future generations by leaving a legacy gift.

A parish hall was built in a small, rural village in Myanmar with the help of legacy donations – and it’s a dream come true for the community.

Parish Hall before it was rebuilt by Missio gifr
The large, rectangular brick building, with its open windows, concrete floor and corrugated iron roof, might not appear that special, but it is transforming lives. It’s the only space big enough for large numbers of people to meet indoors, and it hosts meetings, catechism classes, self-help groups, development workshops, health clinics, drama and music sessions, feast day celebrations and vocational training.

Fr Anthony Chantry, National Director at Missio, visited the centre in the village of Mine Lunn and said, “When is a parish hall not a parish hall? When it becomes a sign of hope! Several hundred people crowded into the hall and sat on the ground. ‘Please thank the people in your country who have helped us,’ was the consistent message repeated in word, song and dance.”

He added, “Fundraising in poor communities is a very slow business. Through Missio, you give the extra push to help parish communities realise their dream of a sheltered space they can use to develop the lives of people.”

Your Catholic Legacy represents 27 causes and can help Catholics direct gifts in Wills to the charities they feel most passionate about. Even a modest gift can make a real difference.

Miranda Litchfield, Chairman of Your Catholic Legacy, added, “It’s heartening to see that Catholics are among the most generous donors in society and wonderful that they are generous to so many deserving causes. All we ask is that they also remember all the fine work done by Catholic charities.

“When you leave legacies to Catholic charities it means the things you care for in your life can continue for future generations. You’ll lay a foundation of faith that will touch the lives of many people around the world.”

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